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The Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford. Dungarvan, 24th August 2014

This year's Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford has seen as many cyclists as always ; and, as always, much more wanted to join but could not because the local authorities limit the numbers to 5000. This is a real shame. Other regions of Ireland run sportives with up to 9000 riders. Why is this not possible in Dungarvan ? There must be something to do…! But this is not the point of my article.

In 2013 we had organized a draw. The prize was a beautiful picture of Sean Kelly, on canvas, signed by him. It was such good fun that we repeated it this year, …with a different picture. Given Sean Kelly's long and successful career, we could keep going for ever without running out of pictures…

Sean Kelly signed the picture on Saturday afternoon and drew the winner on Sunday at around 18:00. This was great fun and I have to tell you the little story about how it went. 

On Saturday afternoon a little girl, just back from the 12 km cycle, medal round her neck, put her form in the box. The form was folded and on each side she had written "pick me", "pick me". I had a big internal smile thinking, well, if this works I'll do the same the next time I'll participate in a draw…

On Sunday, at 18:00, Sean Kelly put his hand in the box with the forms, turned them around, under and over, and picked one from underneath. I had a big scream when I saw the form Sean Kelly brought out of the box. On each side was written "pick me". I could hardly believe it ! There has been magic going on here !

So, the winner is Elia Tutty.

Elia is 11 years old and lives in Abbeyside in Dungarvan with her Mum, Dad and Brother Cal. She completed the Sean Kelly 50km for the first time with her Dad Darren on Sunday and also did the 12km with her Dad, Cal and cousins on Saturday. Elia has a wide interest in sport and over the last 3 years has represented County Waterford in swimming at National level in the Community Games Finals in Athlone. She also completed her first triathlon in Kinsale this summer and can't wait to join Dungarvan's Tried and Tested Triathlon club when old enough. Elia's Dad loves the picture and has fond memories of training with Sean Kelly and the Cidona Carrick Wheelers. He still wears his Cidona jersey !!!

We wish Elia success as a future athlete.

Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 2014 - SportActive drawSean Kelly signing the picture

Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 2014 - SportActive prize drawThe prize : picture of Sean Kelly.Tour de France Green Jersey - 1989 

 Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 2014 - SportActive prize drawSportActive presenting the prize of the draw - Who will win it ?

 Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 2014 - SportActive prize drawSean Kelly shuffling in the box...

 Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 2014 - SportActive prize drawThe winner is Elia Tutty

 Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford 2014 - SportActive prize drawCongratulations Elia

 submitted on 26//14 by Flora

Club des Cinglés du Mont VentouxThere is a club called "Le Club des Cinglés du Mont-Ventoux", meaning "The club of the mad men from Mont Ventoux".

To be part of this club you need to achieve the following : 

  • the ascent of the Mont Ventoux from the three main roads : Bédoin, Malaucène et Sault
  • the three climbs have to be done in the same day.  The choice of the order in which you do the climbs and the date are entirely yours.

 On Thursday 5th June 2014, Darragh Hammond from Ireland has achieved this, together with 3 mades. They were lucky as able to catch a very good day weather wise, as the photo shows.

Congratulations to Darragh and his mades for this huge achievement !

Click the link for full details of "Le club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux". 

Before you try attempting this "mad thing" you may want to find out what it is to cycle Mont Ventoux. You can do so joining the SportActive Mont Ventoux Challenge Holiday from 6th to 13th Sept 2014. We have a few places left at the moment of writing this. Enquire for availability straight away !

Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux

 submitted on 12/6/2014

sean-kelly-144x150We thought you might be interested seeing this interview of Sean Kelly, on Mallorca Today TV, talking about his career and SportActive. It was taken in April 2013 in the SportActive Cycling Centre in Puerto Alcùdia.


     Just click the link or the pictures to watch it.

Sean Kelly interview in - Part I

Sean Kelly interview in - Part II

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