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How To Become An Expert Road Cyclist

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Our guide 'How to become an Expert Road Cyclist' by our head coach and founder Martin Birney will help you take your cycling to the next level. Many cyclists start out with bags of enthusiasm and are prepared to put the work in to get a lot out of the sport, but sadly make elementary errors which hold them back.

This road cycle guide will set you on the right road to becoming a better cyclist. It covers the basics as well as providing tips for better cycling training sessions. Our road cycle guide will show you how to:

  • Choose the right bike - do you know how high to put the saddle or the ideal width of the handlebars?
  • Use Gears and brakes to your advantage - it is surprising how many people use their gears and brakes incorrectly, especially when faced with challenging climbs.
  • Ride safely on roads - this element of cycling cannot be stressed enough
  • Ride better in a group - how to cycle in a group is important. This road cycle guide will show you how to do it.
  • Select the right equipment for a ride - did you know that glasses were essential for cycle training and not just to look cool?
  • Eat the right food for better cycling performance
  • Maintain your bike
  • Motivate yourself for longer rides


How do I claim my free Road Cycling Guide?

To claim your free road cycle guide simply complete the form and you will receive it in the post in a few days. Follow the advice in your road cycle guide and you will soon see your cycling training sessions and overall performance improve.

Cycling for you will become a more enjoyable sport. 


SportActive caters for all levels and abilities. See our Cycling Training Camps and Holidays!

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