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Mallorca Cycling – The Sa Calobra Experience

Sa Calobra or Coll dels Reis in Spanish has become one of the most famous Mallorca cycling climbs. The ride features 26 tightly packed hairpins that come at you thick and fast. The average gradient is just under 7% and the climb is around 10kms from sea level.

sa-calobra-mallorca-cycling-sportactiveYou can ride the legendary Sa Calobra with cycling Legend Sean Kelly at SportActive

Every year cyclists from all over the world want to experience the climb. In part, this is due to Sir Bradley Wiggins training himself by riding Sa Calobra over and over again in preparation for his 2012 Olympic triumphs. Team SKY and every pro peloton team you can think of use Mallorca’s cycling friendly natural landscape to prepare their riders for the forthcoming season in January and February.

This has given Sa Calobra a legendary status in road cycling circles.

Here you can see one of our riders, Les, making the climb.

Most of our riders want to ride Sa Calobra with many taking it on every time they stay. Together with Puig Major and Cap Formentor, it is one of our most requested Mallorca cycling routes.

Here you can see other riders taking it on:

Experienced cyclist Rodney interviewed riding Sa Calobra

William's second run at Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra begins at Port de Soller. The only road into Soller is the Sa Calobra road. This requires you to descend it first, spin round, and cycle back up the 26 hairpins. You can catch a ferry if you prefer but many cyclists take the first option which adds to the anticipation and the challenge of the ride.

The views from Sa Calobra are like much of Mallorca, fantastic. The coastal and mountain views give you a sense of awe that you must experience at least once in your cycling career.

This is considerably enhanced by Mallorca’s cycling friendly climate.

Sa Calobra – You’ve either Ridden it or you’re going to Ride it

Several of our Mallorca Cycling holidays feature Sa Calobra, part of the Tramuntana Mountain Range. Early Season Training Camp, Mallorca Cycling Training Camp in the spring, and our October Summer Cycling holiday all feature the legendary climb.

Here you can see Hugh, one of our riders taking it on for the first time

Keep Cycling!

Submitted: 28/10/18

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