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Home Trainer Program - week 4

This is now our week 4 home trainer program. The last two weeks with threshold training in week 2 and anaerobic exercises in week 3, were quite challenging and we have to allow for some recovery time to anchor this work.

Thus, this week we'll do endurance work outs, the same as we did in week 1.

As a reminder, we run two training plans parallel each week: Martin's programs based on power. You need to know your FTP, VO2 Max and need a power meter to do these workouts.
As not everybody is at that technical a level, we also propose Flora's training plans based on cadence and feeling of the gears. They are much easier as well.

Endurance: 40 minutes

  • 10 min. warm up. Take an easy gear and turn the legs at a cadence of approx. 80 rpm. Not too easy, you need to feel some pressure under the pedals.
  • First effort 5 min: heavier gear but keep the same 80 rpm cadence. Imagine you are on a long drag. Keep the pace steady, feel the legs start working. Pedal with the heal down rather than the toes down as you will use more muscles in your legs.
  • Next 5 min. take a lighter gear but increase the cadence to approx. 95-100 rpm. This will increase your heart rate.
  • Second effort 5 min: take a heavier gear again and cadence down to 80 rpm
  • Next 5 min: take a lighter gear but increase the cadence to approx. 90 rpm. This will increase your heart rate.
  • Finish with 10 min cool down, same cadence and rpm as for the warm up.

Total time: 40 min
If you find it hard, decrease the efforts by 1 min or reduce slightly the rpm. If you find it a little too easy, increase the efforts by 1 min.

Recovery: 20 minutes.

Take an easy gear and turn the legs at a cadence of approx. 80 rpm. Not too easy, you need to feel some pressure under the pedals.

The Endurance can be done 3-4 times per week.

Workout example for one week or 10 days:

  • Day 1: Endurance 40 min (for example, Sunday)
  • Day 2: Recovery 20 min (for example, Monday)
  • Day 3: Go for a walk or a run
  • Day 4: Endurance 40 min (for example, Wednesday)
  • Day 5: Recovery 20 min (for example, Thursday)
  • Day 6: Endurance 40 min (for example, Friday)
  • Day 7: rest day
  • etc.

Don't hesitate to adapt the workouts to your form of the day by increasing or decreasing the time, the gears you use or the rpm.

Take care of yourself: make the decision not to get infected by the virus and act accordingly.
Keep cycling..., should it be on the balcony...

SportActive's home trainer guideSpring Home Trainer Program - Week 4


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Submitted: 30/4/2020

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