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4 Ways To Improve Your Cycling From Home

More than a lot of other sports and physical activities, cycling requires that you simply get out and do it. You’ll need proper equipment, and as any experienced cyclist knows it takes time to work the body into shape for longer or faster-paced races. But to some degree, it’s just about getting on the bike and making a habit out of it. It’s an old cliché, but an accurate one: practice makes perfect.

However, you aren’t always able to get out on the road or path. There could always be a rainy day, you could be injured, or some days you may just not have the time for a long ride out of the house. If you really want to be diligent about your cycling lifestyle, there are still a few ways you can practice on days like these. Specifically, these are four ways to improve your cycling from home.

peloton-cycling-sportactiveIndoor cycling can help you maintain fitness

1. Use An Indoor Bike

Simply put, there are some incredible indoor bikes on the market, and bringing one into your home can transform your cycling routine. Gone are the days of standing an actual bicycle on cinderblocks to pedal in place, unless you simply like an old-school element to your training. Now, whether you invest in a gym-style spinning bike or a company like Peloton, which pairs a cycling machine with a large tablet screen for interactive workouts, you can get an incredible cycling workout right in your home. Nothing quite matches that feeling of being out on the road with natural resistance and the elements around you, but the workout can be just as good.

2. Tap Into Virtual Reality

The company just mentioned above, Peloton, almost captures a sense of virtual reality in that staring at its tablets while cycling can make you feel like you’re in a cycling studio taking a real class. But some machines and devices are going further. In fact, nowadays a tiny sensor can turn a stationary bike into a VR experience, such that you can essentially trick your mind into thinking you’re moving along any route or road in the world. It’s an amazing concept, and while it’s not perfected just yet, it still makes in-home cycling that much more exciting. In a way, you can turn your rainy days in the most exciting cycling workouts you have.

3. Watch Cycling Events

It’s not a workout, but sometimes you can become better at a given sport or activity just by watching the professionals. As far as televised cycling goes, the Tour de France is the event that comes to mind. Taking place over 21 days and spanning more than 3,500 miles, the Tour is described by one overview as being the most famous in the world for its grueling setting and drama-laden stages. That alone makes it a perfect event to study. Even if you aren’t picking up on specific techniques, watching the pros push through that kind of environment can inspire you to work harder and cycle more, if you’re taking it seriously to begin with. And if you’re more casual about it, the race can be pure entertainment!

4. Work On Yoga & Leg Strength

One of the greatest misconceptions in all of sports is that you play them to get in shape. If you’re serious about a sport, it should be very much the opposite: You should get in shape to play. This means you shouldn’t rely on your cycling alone to strengthen your leg muscles, even though it can certainly do so. Instead, use your time at home to work on yoga for flexibility and elasticity, and do resistance workouts that build muscle in your legs. You don’t want to exhaust yourself, so be sure to spread out your exercises as needed, but priming your legs in this way will make you a better cyclist in the long run.

Disclaimer: This content has not been produced by SportActive Cycling.

Submitted: 05/09/2018

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