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Riding the Infamous Bédoin to Ventoux Summit Route

What can I expect when I ride Bédoin to Ventoux?

Of the three Ventoux routes Bédoin is considered the hardest. This route has an intense gradient heavy section, and thanks to its lower altitude starting position it is longer than the other two routes of Malaucene and Sault. Not that the latter two are easy routes to ride. Whichever way you approach the Beast of Provence it will be a tough. Ventoux is considered one of the toughest cycling climbs in the world.


Bédoin Gradients

Bédoin begins at an altitude of 300 metres and for the first 6kms of the ride you will encounter relatively gentle gradients. You should consider this a chance to warm up and take in your surroundings. As you progress along this route the gradients begin to get steeper. The gradient rises to around 8% before it hits you with 10%+gradients at the 9 kms mark. The gradient falls below 10% but never falls below 7% until you reach Chalet Reynard.

The gradient eases to 5-7% until you pass La Grave. The gradients get steeper once more and you will experience 8-10% climbs. The final two and a half kms, you will find the gradients are hitting 10%+. Ventoux always saves the fiercest tests till last.


As well as the gradients the weather may do everything it can to stop you reaching the top. Ventoux’s microclimate can make the weather conditions on the summit ride radically different to the weather you experience at the bottom. This can work with you or against you. We always say Ventoux is sometimes kind, sometimes cruel.

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Ventoux Landscape and Views

Although we have talked a lot about Ventoux in terms of steep gradients and challenging climbs, it has areas that are very scenic and spectacularly beautiful. It has natural countryside and forests, and people have made their lives on the mountain. As the highest peak in Provence it offers spectacular views of the surrounding cols and region. Perfect for selfies!

Sense of Achievement

Getting to the top from Bédoin is an achievement that cannot be overestimated. Climbing Ventoux from an easier side is stunning; from Bédoin is something that little bit special. You can learn more about our Ventoux tour by following this link; Ventoux tour at

Submitted: 28/04/2017


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