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Cycling Training Camps Breaking Through the Wall

Take Your Cycling to the Next Level

After watching the best riders in the world compete in the Tour de France, you may feel inspired to take up road cycling, or you may already be recording your times on Strava, building your base miles and enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise on the bike.

Often, however, we hit a wall not long after we start road cycling, and this can harm our enjoyment of the sport as progress appears to have stopped before it has begun.  In this post, we look at how and why this can happen, and the solution to the problems new cyclists face.

cycling-beginner-next-level-sportactiveTo tackle the French Alps having good and solid guidance behind you is essential

Why Cycling Performance Progression Falters among Beginners

The main reason cycling progression seems to come to a grinding halt among beginners is that they tend to jump on a bike and start riding without knowledge of technique.  This is understandable as we rode bikes when we were children, possibly commuted to college and work as we got older, so it makes sense after investing in all the gear, riding a bike and taking up road cycling is just the same.

This is sadly not the case.  We pick up bad habits without guidance.  This impedes progress severely.  You may, for example, rock in the saddle expending energy.  Your bike may be the wrong size for you, and you find saddle soreness is severe.  After you start riding longer rides you may experience back, shoulder, arm, and hand pain.  Injuries might even be common.

No matter how fit you become you may find you experience “bonking” on longer rides.   

All of this can put off new riders from fulfilling their potential.  Breaking through the wall and reaching a new level can feel like an unreachable goal.

Cometh the Hour Cometh the Cycling Training Camp

Cycling training camps are the best way to improve your skills, perfect your technique, and ultimately performance.  Many of our riders tell us that their performance has improved considerably since riding with us in Mallorca (sometimes called Majorca), as their technique is perfected.  Mallorca is the perfect place to improve your skills as it is one of the most cycle friendly places in the world, with challenging climbs and long endless winding roads. You can see full details of our cycling training camps here.

There is simply no better way to break through the wall and reach your next level.

Cycling Tips to Break through the Wall

In the meantime here are some cycling tips to help you reach the next level.

Always carry full water bottles with you when you ride and ensure you understand how you expend energy when you ride.  Our posts that cover these subjects will help you:

If you are planning to buy a bike or upgrade to a new one ensure you get a bike fit first.  Most cycling shops will help you in this regard.  This post will also help:  Bike-Fit: The right position on the bike

If you are experiencing saddle soreness or back pain, our Warning Signs you’re Cycling in a Bad Position will help you

Ride regularly on good roads and plan your routes that keep you as far away from traffic as possible

Although you may feel like giving up, never do.  A little guidance can see you break through the wall and fulfil your cycling potential.

Submitted: 20/07/17

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