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Mallorca : women's cycling week

Special cycling training week for women,  i.e. exclusive women group

No Males, no intimidation

Profesionnal Coaching

Women Week Cycling with SportactiveCycling Training Week for Women... Women Week Cycling with Sportactive...means Exclusive Women Group, except the coach and Sean Kelly.  
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This cycling camp is designed specifically for women, with a keen interest in road cycling training. Our goal is to provide women with an opportunity to train together and experience the fun of cycling but in a challenging environment.
Medium fitness level required for this week.

Exclusive women group means no males will be part of a women' riding group (besides SportActive coaches). But other cycling groups with males will be in the SportActive Cycling Centre. Thus, no need to leave your partner or husband at home, girls; actually, Bring them with you to pamper you after training!

Training camps are one of the best ways to develop your skills and fitness.

What are your main worries when you consider a training camp?

  • That you won't be fit or experienced enough ?
  • You think they are reserved only for seasoned cyclists ?
  • Worried you won't be able to keep up, or even worse - hold the group up?

Do not be worried, this group is designed to build your confidence and improve your fitness in a female only environment.

That's why at Sportactive we focus on teaching you new skills, and honing those already learned. If you can gain a broad base of skills in a focussed environment, you will unquestionably become a better rider.  This will allow you to go away with new skills to put into practice for the rest of your cycling years.

The main mistake people make is to assume a training camp is about volume ; That it's about getting the miles in. At Sportactive we focus on quality, not on quantity. Think about how many miles you have done on your bike, have they been just miles? Is your bike position right? Can you ride efficiently in a group? How are your descending and climbing skills?

At Sportactive the coaches are able to work at a level and style that matches the level of the group. This will have a positive effect on individuals and the group as a whole.

To support this learning environment further we have found that having a Sportactive Women's Exclusive training camp, allows for better interaction and cohesion within the group. The coaches are able to work at a level and style that matches the majority of the group.

Cycling training and holidays

Martin Birney - Cycling Coach

Martin, a founder of the SportActive Company, has a vast experience in cycling and extensive knowledge of Mallorca, gained with over 20 years of training on the island. He has competed in Europe and Australia in international road and track, achieving 4th in the World Master's Championship. He is also a qualified Cycling Coach.



cycling training


Trudy Brown - Cycling Coach

Trudy was a former silver medallist at the National road race championship & N.I Time Trial Champion. She has been Overall Irish Triathlon champion three times, twice European age group champion & has won 55  triathlons overall. Trudy has represented Ireland at elite level in cycling and Triathlon.



  • Create a relaxed environment for development and enjoyment
  • Develop confidence and self belief
  • Develop cycling efficiency and effectiveness  
  • Develop bike skill, develop and enhance fitness levels
  • Enhance personal knowledge for competitive advantagewomen cycling trainig


Sportactive Women's Exclusive Training Camp include coaching on the following areas:

  • Improve your self awareness of your strengths and abilities,
  • recognize weaknesses and areas to improve
  • Improve efficiency of your cycling training
  • Develop cycling skill levels 
  • Improve cycling fitness and effectiveness to perform
  • Develop knowledge level 
  • Identify personal cycling characteristics
  • Enhance training plans and techniques


Seminar Informationwomen cycling training weekSean Kelly joining the women group in Petra


  • Bike set up / position ; the SportActive bike fit jig is available for exact positioning
  • Bike Maintenance seminar
  • Training advice seminar
  • Nutrition seminar
  • General tips (Female orientation)





date of holiday
4th - 11th April, 2015

The "exclusive women group" cycling camp includes all the other services of the  regular cycling training weeks in the SportActive Cycling  Centre in Mallorca.

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Women cycling group in Majorca


Flights to Palma de Mallorca : Should no direct flights be available for our Irish guests, there are some good flights via the UK or Barcelona.  Follow this links to air companies flying to Palma de Mallorca from Ireland and the UK


Complete Cycling Week Women Training Camp Programme

day 1 Su day 2 Mo day 3  Tue day 4 Wed day 5 Th day 6 Fr day 7 Sat
9.30 am 10 am 10 am rest day 10 am 10 am 10 am
  Bike ride 3 h Bike ride 3 h   Bike ride 3 h Bike ride 5 h Bike ride
medium Intensity 
high cadence 
low resistance
medium Intensity 
low cadence 
high resistance
Aerobic power flat

Bike set up

5 sets of 1 min
at high exercise
level with 3-5min recovery will 
be performed on flat or climb
less than 6%

To enable cyclist to

cope with 
the wide 
that occur in 
many phases
of cycling

To increase muscular
strength and power

To train the 
central cardio
-cirulatory and 

on flight 

2 pm 4 pm 4 pm 4 pm 4 pm 4 pm  
bike ride 3:00 seminar 45 min seminar 45 min seminar 45 min seminar 45 min debrief  
  Nutrition Pedling 
Core strength
Energy management
and tactics

& answers


3 hours bike ride on day 1 - Sunday : Aerobic Endurance

Training 65% of heart rate, in relation to watts/kg, depending on FTP or around 20% below anaerobic



Please make sure you are insured when travelling : 
have valid private medical insurance and travel insurance

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